ASSIGNMENT: Definition



Read magazines, newspapers, or any other printed source such as a novel. Find a word that you have never seen or used. Tell the professor by Monday your word so there will be no duplications.

When you sign up on the board, but your word after your name .

Tell in the speech which dictionary you found the word in (not Wickipedia) and what edition you used. You may use Wickipedia for further research, just check to be sure the material is verified in other sources.

Organization of the speech:

Introduction: Attention Getter. Say the word. Read the word in context. Tell the audience where you found the word. (transition to the body of the speech).

Body: Three main ideas illustrating the meaning of the word (origin of the word - site source, various definitions, - site sources,

use the word in context-sentences not found in the dictionary).

Conclusion: Quick summary of the word. close by saying and spelling the word clearly.

Value: 75 points (Limit 4 note cards.)

Time: 2-4 minutes long.

10am class: Mon, Sept. 27 : Ashley, Kate, Rachel, Hannah, Carly, Allie, Kenzie, Derek, Molly, Meredith

Wed., Sept. 29: Josh, Sarah, Boo, Caroline, Katherine, Katie, Chip, Emily, Jaime, Jordan, Saron

11am class, Mon. Sept.27: Jane, Daniel, Thomas, Krista, Pearse, Emily, Garrett, , Amanda,Weldon, Will

Wed, Sept 29 : Ivey, Lorna, Lindsay, Maddie, Tevin, Jillian, Anna, Suzell, Christina, CrisDustin