Introductory Speech (#1), Fox

Specific Goal:
Your specific goal in this speech is to help your audience have a greater understanding of you as person.

Choose an object you believe reflects some aspect of your personality or life experience. This object can reflect your background, your religion, your family, a sport you enjoy or participate in, or any other object that will help the audience understand more about you. This will be a real object rather than a picture. Develop a clear, one sentence central idea that summarizes your connection to that object. Follow your text's guidelines for narrowing your topic and developing a central idea. Develop support for your central idea by identifying two or three elements about this object that you can discuss with your audience. Then develop support for each point by using examples from your own experience. Relate material to your audiences' knowledge and experience.

Value - 50 points. 3-5 minutes in length. A typed Formal Outline will be submitted prior to presentation. You will speak from a Keyword Outline written or typed on up to three note cards or a single sheet of paper which will be turned in after you speak. Supplement your own knowledge with outside sources. Use the object as you speak. Be sure to talk to the audience, not the object.

Grading - Grading will be based on: (1) Content, (2) Organization, (3) Delivery, (4) Outlines.

Examples of objects: basketball, tennis racket, swim mask, paint brush, calculator, fish, drama mask, program from an event, shoe, article of clothing (nothing hazardous or illegal, please).