Name and date:




Specific Purpose:


Central Idea:


Main Ideas:


I.               (full sentence)

II.             (full sentence)

III.           (full sentence)


1.              Introduction: (attention-getter)

2.              Introduction: (atttention-getter)
(same) topic, credibility, preview)

  Summary is the same.

  1. Conclusion (strong statement)  

  2. (as above)

100 pts. You will work in groups of 2 to exchange papers and make suggestions. Choose which introduction and conclusion is the best. You will read aloud your choices.


Group B: Monday, 23 Feb. Group A: Wednesday, 25 Feb.


10am Group B: Briann, Jeff, Sam, John, James Q., Whitney, Kristen, Don, Nikole, Daniel, Erica

Group A: Savannnah, Jessica, Jacob, Kenneth, Caroline, Olivia, Jimmy G., Clark, Shannon, Kevin


11am: Group B: Shana, Jessica, Hope, Rebecca, Dristen, Laurie, Page, Eric, Nico, Stacey, Grace

Group A: Sydney, Val, Whitley, Zach, Matt, Taylor, Amber, Toni, Peter, Morgan

1pm: Group B: Chris, Mary Margaret, Leslie, Melisssa, Elizabeth, Ryan, Anna, Kelly, Susanna, Laura

Group A: Michele, Austin, Sky, Shelly B. Angel, Katherine, Laci, Roxxy, Jordan, Daina