PPT2000: QuickTime PICT Placeholder Appears in Place of Graphic


The problem, in a nutshell, is that PowerPoint/Windows doesn't support QuickTime compression; installing QuickTime on the PC won't help.


You'll need to go back to the Mac to fix the problem by re-inserting the graphic into PowerPoint.


    * Open the original graphic in the program that created it

    * Choose File, Save As

    * Select No Compression in the save options (PowerPoint will compress the image when it imports it)

    * Save as JPG or PNG or similar format that's compatible with both PC and Mac PPT versions.

    * Switch to PowerPoint, choose Insert, Picture, From File and choose the newly saved picture.


Note: DO NOT drag and drop or copy/paste the graphic into PowerPoint. That's what probably caused the problem in the first place.


These instructions are very generic. The menu options for your graphics program will be different; you'll probably need to do some experimenting to find the right set of options.


If you come up with a good recipe you'd like to include here, post a message in the PowerPoint Newsgroup.