Advertising Speech

Discuss the following for the class:


What is the ad for?

What magazine did it come from? What is the target audience for this ad?

Why were you attracted (or not) to this ad?

Body of the Speech:

Discuss the following as used in your ad?

I. Credibility:

Do you believe the product/source or the manufacture of this product to be credible? Why or why not?
Are the appeals in this ad honest?
Are any claims made in this ad? Are they honest?
Do you believe that this ad is ethical?

II. Logic or Proof:
Is there any logic in the ad? If so, discuss it.
If there are unsupported claims, discuss those.
If no logic is used, discuss that.

III: Emotion:

How is color used? What is your emotional reaction to the color used?
What is unique in the style of the ad? How does this add to the appeal?
What is initial impact of the ad? After the initial impact, do you lose interest?
Is this ad based only on emotional appeals? Why do you believe this was necessary?
Are the emotional appeals ethical?
Do you find the ad offensive? Could it be offensive to others? Explain your answer.


Conclude with a summary of the above.

Construct a simple outline using the above format.

Time: 2-4 minutes.
(#3 will be shone, then wrap up your presentation.)

You may speak from your outline, just be sure it doesn't sound like reading. You're discussing. Put your ad on ELMO or a PowerPoint so that the audience can see what you are discussing. Presentation counts. Look at the audience rather than the ad. Turn in your outline after the speech.

Value: 50 points.