Anne Fox-Ad Speech, Post Cereal

Hearts stand for love. In this ad, the manufacturer seems to be saying that is if you love your heart you’ll eat their product.
This ad is for two Post cereal products: Shredded Wheat and Raisin Bran. As I found the ad in U. S. News, it is geared to a well-educated and older group who take their health seriously.
I was first attracted to this ad by the large heart and the simplicity of the layout.

I. Emotional Appeals (Pathos/Mythos):

As most ads, the strongest appeal in the ad is emotional.
The ad must attract you so you’ll read the copy.
The lavender background is soothing and therefore appealing.
There is something funny about a cereal heart.
The cereal is supposed to make us hungry, but seems to miss.
After all, it’s not a cookie.

(But after the initial attraction, you realize that this ad is addressing a serious issue: heart health.

I. Logical Appeals (Logos):

There is a claim in here that these cereals may reduce the risk of heart disease. Note the "may" as a qualifier. This is so you won’t sue them if you die of a heart attack.
Footnote: In tiny print, says why, but doesn’t cite the source. As most of us believe that fiber is good for us, this probably isn’t necessary but would reinforce the claim.
The "latest craze" statement probably refers to Atkins, Low Fat diets, etc. High fiber diets, after all, have been around a lot longer than those.

(So, is there any ethos?)

III. Ethical Appeals/Credibility (Ethos):

Of course, we all know that Post cereals have been around a long time. I do doubt the statement "anything but ordinary." This cereal seems pretty ordinary to me. But this is just a slogan with no real meaning.

Although this is an attractive ad and most likely truthful, it still doesn’t attract me. Why? Because I know how outrageously expensive cereal is. So, I’ll just stick to my good old-fashioned oatmeal for the fiber I need.