COMM104 - A. FOX


Type of Speech: Informative speech about a country and one or two aspects of that culture.
This speech should have new and interesting information for your audience.

Your country will be drawn from a list made by the instructor. A time period of that country may be required.

Goals of this speech:
To learn to use description in order to make this country and culture come alive for your audience.
*To learn about cultures other than you own.
*To learn to use narrative, concrete terminology and to cite outside sources.
*To learn to use presentation aids.

Audio/Visual Aids:
Presentation aids are required for this speech. PowerPoint is required. Use 2-8 slides, not including blanks. Test your slides before your speaking date. These are "aids," not your entire speech. You must talk about each one. Only one picture is to be on each slide.

Supporting Materials:
You must include at least three published or valid Internet sources in addition to your own knowledge.

Outlining your Speech:
Submit a preparation outline on the day of your speech according to the format that your instructor provides on the webpage and Chapters 21 & 22 of of your text.. All supporting material must be included and cited on the outline. A separate bibliography of at least three sources in APA or MLA style will be submitted as part of your outline. Speeches without outlines will not be graded.

Extemporaneous style (planned, outlined, not read)
Write a “Speaking Outline” (Pages218-219) on (6 or less) note cards. Practice at least three times, aloud and on your feet from the speaking outline. Time yourself; if the speech is too long or short, adjust it. Remember, this outline contains less material the full outline. Turn these notes in to your professor after you speak.

Cultures ( is a helpful web cite.

Time: Five to seven minutes of presentation time is required. There is a five point penalty for going over or under.
Value: 100 points (90 for speech, 10 for outline)