COMM104 - A. FOX


Type of Speech:
Informative speech about a topic that you are interested in and believe the class can learn from. This may be something that you have participated in, studied, a place you've visited or something that you are interested in finding more about. This speech should have new and interesting information for your audience. (Objects, cultures, religions, events or concepts. Processes may be used if they are not messy or can actually be comprehended within the time limit.)

Goals of this speech:
To learn to use description in order to make this information come alive for your audience.
•To learn to use narrative, concrete terminology and to cite outside sources.

Audio/Visual Aids:
PowerPoint, models of objects, costumes, people, handouts, or the actual items are required for this speech. PowerPoint is required. Limit slides to those are are required to explain your speech and that you have time to discuss during the speech. Title and ending slides may be used and do not require discussion. Limit slides to no more than eight not including blank or title and concluding slides.

Supporting Materials:
You must include at least three published or valid online sources in addition to your own knowledge.

Outlining your Speech:
Submit a typewritten outline on the day of your speech according to the format that your instructor provides and pages 260-262 of your text.. All supporting material must be included on the outline. Your bibliography of at least three sources may be in APA or MLA style.

Extemporaneous style (planned, outlined, not read)
Write a “Speaking Outline” (Pages 266-267) on note cards (limit of 4). Practice at least three times, aloud and on your feet from this outline. Time yourself; if the speech is too long or short, adjust it. Remember, this outline contains less material the the full outline. Turn the note cards in after you speak.

Time: Four to seven minutes. Five point penalty for going over or under.
Value: 100 points (90 for speech, 10 for outline)

June 16, Tuesday: Elizabeth, Megan, Joey, Francis, Alena, Sebastian, Katreena, Conor
June 17, Wednesday: Fallon, Sterling, Justin, Jansarrah, Trelacsha, Lexi, Dani.