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We all argue, just about everyday. Sometimes it’s about simple things, like what movie should we see? Sometimes the arguments are more serious, such as ethical arguments or political arguments. Sometimes your arguments could save someone’s life, like when you try to persuade your friend to give you the keys when you know she/he is drunk. How often do you win these arguments? If you do, what methods do you use? When you don’t, can you figure out why?
This persuasive speech will help you to develop skills so that you will learn how to effectively persuade. It will also help you recognize fallacies (bulls---) when you hear them.

Your primary goal is to change or reinforce an existing attitude or belief of your audience and/or to move them to action.

Your secondary goal is to learn how be an ethical speaker and a critical listener.

Only one person, per topic, per side is permitted. Therefore, it is necessary to clear your topic with the instructor.

State your central idea as a proposition. This may be:

Outlining your Speech:

Supporting Materials :

Delivery :