Schedule Summer I, 2009, COMM104, Anne Fox, 11:45am-130pm, MYBK110


Tuesday, June 2: Introduction to the course. Go over syllabus. Discuss what makes a good public speaker. What role does public speaking play in your life now and in the future? Interview a classmate to introduce on Wednesday. Read Chapters 1-3.


Wednesday, June 3: Introduction Speeches. Group work: Discuss the Communication Process and relate (compare) each area to something that you already know. Present to the class. Lecture: Ethics and the First Amendment. Discuss what makes a good listener. Show short film, then class discussion on what was said and seen. Listen and look. Discuss the importance of body language and vocal inflection. Discuss how the speaker related to his audience. Assign first speech. (Self Knowledge Speech)
Home: Print out and bring to class the Basic Speech Structure.


Assignment: Read Chapters 4-10.
Lecture: General and specific purposes, central ideas, organization.

Watch in class student speech. Discuss: the intended audience for the speech, the goal of the speech, the thesis or main point, the organizational pattern, type of introduction used, type of conclusion, the main ideas and support used. What language resources are used to add interest and relate to the audience? Did this speech achieve its goal?


Thursday, June 4: Lecture: Introductions and conclusions (Chapter 9). Discuss Self Knowledge Speech. Watch student speeches. Group discussions of student speeches found. Choose one person from the group to present their speech for discussion.


Assignment: Read Chapters 11-13.


Friday, June 5: Continue discussion of Student Speeches. Go over evaluation form for the Self-Knowledge Speeches. Meet in groups to decide on your topic by discussing ideas with others in your group. Choose a topic that you know something about and that your group believes is interesting and information.


Monday, June 8: All Self-Knowledge Speeches.


Tuesday, June 9: PowerPoint demonstration.


Assignment: Read Chapter 14.


Wednesday, June 10: In class work: Lecture on specific purposes, central ideas, main ideas. (Break) lecture introductions and conclusions.


Thursday, June 11: Lecture on listening. Quiz on organization.


Friday, June 12: In class, write out the 1st Amendment.. Continue lecture and discussion on speech organization and delivery. (Break) Decide on topic, write out possible introductions and conclusions.


Monday, June 15: Continue work on informative speeches. See and discuss examples of informative speeches.



Tuesday, June 16: Informative Speeches (1-8) Elizabeth, Megan, Joey, Francis, Alena, Sebastian, Katreena, Conor.

Wednesday, June 17: Informative Speeches (9-15) Fallon, Sterling, Justin, Jansarrah, Trelacsha, Lexi, Dani.

Thursday, June 18: PowerPoint lecture on Persuasion. Student examples of Persuasive Speeches. Select topics for Persuasive Speeches.


Friday, June 19: Examples of Persuasive Speeches. In class discussion using evaluation form.


Monday, June 22: Bring in outlines and research for Persuasive Speech. read Chapters 15 & 16. In class group work on outlines.



Tuesday, June 23: Persuasion lecture and exercises


Wednesday, June 24: Persuasive Speeches---Elizabeth, Fallon, Sterling, Justin, Jansarrah, Trelacsha, Lexi.


Thursday, June 25: Persuasive Speeches--Megan, Joey, Francis, Alena, Sebastian, Katreena, Conor, Dani.


Assignment: Read Chapter 17.


Friday, June 26: Discuss commemorative speeches.


Monday, June 29: Commemorative Speeches --- Elizabeth, Fallon, Sterling, Justin, Jansarrah, Trelacsha, Lexi.


Tuesday, June 30: Commemorative Speeches -Megan, Joey, Francis, Alena, Sebastian, Katreena, Conor, Dani.


Final: July 1: Impromptu Speeches ---Everyone