COMM211 - Fox Final Assignment-Program *

In this assignment involves creating a thematic program that combines at least two different types of literature, i.e., prose, poetry, drama, or nonfiction material. Poetry must be included in this performance. This should be a professionally prepared program which could be presented to a public audience. Your program must demonstrate the intrinsic factors of unity and harmony, variety and contrast, balance and proportion, rhythm of emotional impact, and focus of interest. You may use multimedia---music, video, lights, props; however, the focus must remain on the text. If multimedia elements become distracting, eliminate them. Program material may be compiled or collaged. *Because of time limits of the semester, POETRY must be included in this assignment. Include at least one line from Shakespeare's Sonnet #29 in your program.
Your choices must be approved by the instructor.

The required elements are as follows:
•5-9 minutes ( 7-11 duo, 9-13 trio) in length with a ten point penalty for violating
time limits. Minimum time does not include the introduction. Using less than
one half the minimum time will result in a failing grade.
•Choose good literature as the main selections.
•Use a combination of open and closed focus.
•Have a definite change of mood and attitude within the program.
•Block movement into the performance.

Dress either formally/neutrally (black is preferred, but white or beige is acceptable)
or in costume or suggestion of costume
•Script the introduction and transitions (if needed) and keep them short. Announce the
title and theme of your program. The authors and titles may be mentioned in the
introduction, in the transitional material, or listed in a printed program.
•Submit your complete script including the program title as well as identifying all selections
included by title/author.
•Make the program visually and vocally interesting.
•Give the program structure. Examples: Speech - Chronological, Cause/Effect, Spatial,
Problem/Solution; Music - Repetition of theme, Antiphonal; Drama - Exposition,
Climax, Falling Action, Resolution.

Special attention should be given to:
Creation of mood
Emotional connection of the interpreter to the literature
Validity of interpretation

Typed Analysis (to be turned in the day of your performance) Please number your responses.:
Title of your program.
Describe an imagined audience (family reunion, funeral, third grade class, graduation,
whatever) that would enjoy this program.
List all selections by title, author and type of literature.
Is your script compiled or collaged?
1. What is your program theme? How did you decide on this theme?
Explain how each selection supports the theme?
2. Explain how how the program is organized (chronological, cause-effect, repetition of
theme, problem-solution, dramatic, etc.)?
3. What special challenges did this assignment present? How did you resolve
these challenges?
4. What do you want your audience to feel, to understand, or to believe as a result of
this program?
5. What grade do you believe you deserve for your effort?

The final program is worth 150 points: 130 performance, 20 analysis.
(11-23-09, subject to change)
Fri, Dec 4: (4) Molly, Ashley, Chris, Jacob R. Mon, Dec 7 ALERT!!! THERE MAY NOT BE ENOUGH CLASS TIME TO COMPLETE SEVEN PERFORMANCES. THEREFORE, THOSE WITH CLASSES AT 3PM SHOULD PERFORM 1ST. : (7) Lauren H., Kasey, Emily, Rachel, Elliot, (Kaleigh, Amanda)
Tues, Dec 8 (reading day at noon) (9): Jamie, Lauren C., Ryan, Jacob S., Meredith, Trenton, (Carter, Zach, David,).