COMM211 - Fox
Narrative Prose
Prepare a selection of narrative prose either from your text or another source approved by your instructor. Many short stories are available through the Internet.
Dress neutrally or in a manner that suggests a costume or era.

Your selection must:

Typed Analysis (to be turned in the day of your performance ):
You name and the date of the performance.
Title and author of selection.
Discuss the following. Please number your responses:

1.What type of narrator is in your story? Explain your decision. If the narrator is first person, discuss him or her as a person.

2. Location: Where does the action of the story take place? Describe it in detail.
What is the time period ( year, century, time of day, time of year)?

3. Action and Plot: (Action is the sequence of visible or discernible physical happenings.
Plot is the plan or design of the action.) Describe the action and plot of your

4. Describe each character in your story: physically and emotionally. How will you portray
each character physically and vocally?

5. Draw a character placement diagram for your selection.

Introduction: Include title and author. Introduce the characters and narrator. Set the scene.

This assignment is worth 100 points:
90 performance
10 analysis

Performance dates: 14 October, Wed.-Emily, Ryan, Ashley, Elliot, Molly, Chris, Trenton, Lauren C., Rachel, Lauren H.
16 October, Friday: Meredith, Jacob R., Jamie, Jacob S., Zach, Carter, Kasey, David, Kaleigh, Amanda
19 Oct: Monday: Remaining performances

Peer/Self review-due one week after performance

Dress for performance: Neutral (Black is preferred) or costume if your narrator is 1st person.