RT script example


CONNIE (in disgust): Look, I don't even know who you are.

ARNOLD: Hey, Ellie's got a radio, see. Mine's broke down.

NARRATOR 1: He lifted his friend's arm and showed her the little transistor the boy was holding, and now Connie began to hear the music. It was the same program that was playing inside the house.

CONNIE: Bobby King?

ARNOLD: I listen to him all the time. I think he's great.

CONNIE (reluctantly): He's kind of great.

ARNOLD: Listen, that guy's great. He knows where the action is.

NARRATOR 2: Connie blushed a little, because the glasses made it impossible for her to see just what this boy was looking at. She couldnÕt decide if she liked him or if he was just a jerk, and so she dawdled in the doorway and wouldnÕt come down or go back inside.

CONNIE: What's all that stuff painted on your car?

ARNOLD: Can'tcha read it?

NARRATOR 1: He opened the door very carefully, as if he was afraid it might fall off. He slid out just as carefully, planting his feet firmly on the ground, the tiny metallic world in his glasses slowing down like gelatine hardening and in the midst of it ConnieÕs bright green blouse.

ARNOLD: This here is my name, to begin with.