COMM330 - Adv Oral Interp
Anne Fox - p. #

Analysis of ............
Chamber Theatre
by (group members)

Story title and author:

Intended Audience:

Scripting (Discuss the following):

1. Story:
A. How was the story selected?

B. How is the story suitable to the group members and the intended audience?

2. Analysis of Literature:

A. Discuss what the story means.

B. What kind of narrator is this? How did you decide to portray the narrator?

C. Describe the characters. How will they be protrayed?

D. What is the conflict in the story?

E. What is the climactic point? How will the group portray that?

Staging(Discuss the following):

1. What type of staging is used?

2. What is the style chosen?- (scale of presentational to representational)

3. What type of focus is used?

4. What synecdoche and thatrical elements are used? (costumes, sets, props)

5. Draw the stage setup