COMM330 - Adv Oral Interp
Anne Fox - p. #

Analysis of ............

Personal Narrative by (group members)


Intended Audience:

Story development:
1. What stories were originally considered?
2. How did the group decide on this story?

Scripting (Discuss the following):
1. How was the script developed?
2. How is the material suitable to the group members and the intended audience?

Analysis of Story:
1. What is the plot of your story?
2. Who are the characters?
3. Who is the protagonist? the antagonist?
4. Is there a narrator? If so, who and why?
5. What is the conflict in the story?
6. What is the climactic point? How will the group portray that?

Staging(Discuss the following):
1. What type of staging is used? (RT, CT, or theatrical)
2. What is the style chosen?- (scale of 1. presentational to 10. representational )
3. What type of focus is used?
4. What synecdoche and spectacle elements are used?
5. Draw the stage setup