COMM330 - Adv Oral Interp
Anne Fox - p. #

Analysis of ............
Readers Theatre
by (group members)

Program Title:

Work(s): (titles and authors)

Intended Audience:

Scripting (Discuss the following):

1. Material:
A. How was the material selected?

B. How is the material suitable to the group members
and the intended audience?

2. Analysis of Literature:
Readers Theatre:
Discuss what your script means (assertion).
What is the organizational pattern?
How does your scripting and staging enhance or
clarify the purpose (assertion).

Staging(Discuss the following):

1. What type of staging is used?
(simple RT, RT with added theatrical elements)

2. What is the style chosen?- (scale of presentational to

3. What type of focus is used?

4. What synecdoche and spectacle elements are used?

5. Draw the stage setup