COMM330 - Fox

Readers Theatre Assignment


1. Work with your entire group.
2. You may choose a single text, a combined expanded, or a combined
collage program. Use poetry for a single text performance. For a compiled or collaged performance, poetry should be primary, but other literature including diaries, plays, movies, speeches may be combined with it. Transitions may be written and used if necessary.
3. Focus: You may use off stage focus only or combine on stage and open focus.

3. Each group member must have comparable performance time.
4. 8-15 minutes in length. Overtime or under time violation -10 points.

For a single text performance:
The emphasis is on voices. Try to image this as a choral performance. Divide into roles and perform as our first exercise.
Do not choose an epic narrative prose selection as your single text. You may
choose lyric prose or a poem.
Use a chorus or unison speaking.
Use tone color (p. 46 - alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia).
Use stylized movement.

For all performances:
Use stylized movement.
Use sensory imagery (p. 48)
You will be graded on creativity and on how well you use the following elements:

Sense memory
Combination of out front and on stage focus (p. 425)
Combination of open and closed focus
Use of performance space
Use of levels
Use of multimedia (sound, video, posters, costume, props, etc.)