Anne Fox

*Every group has to turn in a folder immediately after a performance with:

1. A clean script with blocking and any presentation additions included
as handwritten.

2. A journal with names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses of all group members. A rehearsal record with times and places worked with a notation of each member’s work and any member absent. If the member absent was excused by the group, this should be noted. Any work outside the rehearsal period should also be noted. If the handwriting of the journal is not clear, it should be typed before submitting.

3. An analysis as required by the assignment.

4. A copy of the program (handout)

Work required for the group:

a. Select subject, selections, or story

b. Appoint a stage manager to keep the rehearsal journal and who will call anyone
missing from a rehearsal
. Make a note of anyone not attending a scheduled rehearsal.

c. Writing, then typing the script

d. Directing and blocking action

e. Adding presentation elements-music, props, video, costumes, etc

f. Making or providing props

g. Making or providing costumes

h. Making or providing set pieces

i. Typing, then copying the program

j. Analysis discussed by the entire group, then typed

Divide these jobs equally within the group. Volunteers are best, but assignments by the group can be made. Each person is responsible to the group for completing the task. As an individual, try to do different tasks when changing to a new group.

If any one or two persons in the group do most of the work, they will earn the highest grade. It is important that the stage manager keeps clear records of all work done and note if it was completed in a timely manner.

Any group may eject a group member who does not take part in the group process. Thereafter, that student must complete all assignments as a solo and will lose one letter-grade.

*No late work will be accepted.